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Aastra - A0000-68850015 - Aastra 620d Cordless Handset - Desktop

Aastra - A0000-68850015 - Aastra 620d Cordless Handset - Desktop


Compatible handset for Aastra's SIP-DECT Enterprise Mobility Solution

Employing DECT wireless technology, the Aastra SIP-DECT Mobility Solution offers superior levels of interference-free performance, security and reliability in a cordless SIP telephone system. This scalable, enterprise-grade, mobility solution allows users to take the features and voice quality of their desk telephone with them throughout their office environment or related branch offices serviced by the same corporate network. DECT technology virtually eliminates issues of dropped calls, interference, security and range by employing IP DECT access points that seamlessly "handoff" calls and enable roaming. This system is ideal for any single or multi-location business, retail or institutional setting that requires mobile employees to be available to take or receive calls at any time.


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