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Allworx - 8320054 - 4-Year Extended Warranty for Allworx 6x/6x12 System

Allworx - 8320054 - 4-Year Extended Warranty for Allworx 6x/6x12 System


Protect your technology with this great Extended Warranty plan from Allworx! Extend the standard 1-year manufacturer warranty by 4 years, for a total of 5 years of protection and peace of mind.

Why an Extended Warranty contract? Today customers, more than ever, are reliant on their telecommunications and computer equipment to help run their businesses. Our extended warranty covers you from any unexpected equipment issues and replacement expenses. Having Allworx Extended Warranty gives you the extra added security and is an option to include as a part of your value added services.

Peace of Mind Benefits: All Allworx extended warranties include FREE one-way delivery via UPS Ground shipping for the LIFE of the contract! You can even take advantage of our Advanced Replacement Option and have a unit shipped out overnight for a small fee.

Why not lock into today's lower rates and protect yourself from tomorrow's rising repair costs? A common misconception is that by waiting to purchase extended coverage, you will get coverage for a longer time. But much like life insurance where costs rise as we age, the cost for any kind of warranty will rise as the equipment ages. To make sure you are offered the longest terms for the lowest rates, the Allworx Extended Warranty must be purchased within 3 months (90 Days) of your initial purchase of the Allworx equipment.


Terms of Limited Extended Warranty:

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